We are manufacturer of fine pulverizer for grinding of rubber granulates to rubber powder.

    - warm milling at ambiance temperature19
    - no cooling, no coolant
    - no knives, no friction, no change of tools
    - low speed of the tools (less than 100 rpm)
    - very low energy consumption
    - sieve with interchangeable screen
    - final product active rubber powder
    - very large surface of rubber powder
    - made in Germany

The equipment is valid for grinding of rubber granulates approx. 3mm won from tire or industrial rubber recycling.

The grinding process is dry, purely mechanical. No additives like e.g. nitrogen are required.
The wear of the machine tools are minimum. The rubber material is not changed or damaged through overheating. User can produce rubber powder with any desired particle size. For this only sieve screen is to be changed (5 minutes work) and thereby allows the user can decide which of end product is produced; 100µ, 200µ, 300µ, 400µ, etc.

Rubber powder is used as basic material for new products and application in the rubber and plastic industry.

    - reduced material costs
    - great mixing ability
    - mixing up to 80% by the production of TPE
    - easy mixing with PP or PE without additives


We offer here a complete solution to the rubber grinding and fine screening with complete material handling with an unbeatable fair price.
After installation and operator instruction (our experts) you have to serve whole system only with one button and equipment works independently in a controlled, automatic operation around the clock for many jears.

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